Dear Mothers, Ladies, and ALL WOMEN, 

You are enough! RIGHT NOW, before you lose any weight, you are enough. Before you get that degree, job, or promotion, you are enough. Before get your life or yourself "together". YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU ARE ENOUGH! Before you make any of the changes you want or accomplish any of the goals you have you A RE ALREADY ENOUGH. You are enough as a woman. You are enough as a mother. You ARE good enough! Your child is good enough! And even more! Believe it! Whatever makes you valuable and worthy is ALREADY IN YOU. STOP LOOKING AT WHAT YOU'RE NOT, what you don't have, what you wish you look like, or what you can't do. Look at the opposite side of those things. You've come a long way and will only continue. Please be encouraged, be uplifted, love yourself how you are RIGHT NOW, (it's only going to give you more strength and positive energy for what's to come), and know that you are enough.


"As long as your child feels loved, that's the main and most important thing."  ~Dad

"Give yourself credit! Count every small thing!" ~Evonne Renee

Below are 3 poems, written by me, that I would love for you to read and hope you enjoy. Feel free to make comments below. (More quotes and encouragement may be added soon.)

Painted Picture (Poem): Our Childhood Timeline vs Now

We all grew up being asked one question in particular... "What do you want to be when you grow up?" We were conditioned to imagine our whole life timeline. Well, we eventually grew up, some of the things we imagined happened later on in life or hasn't happened yet. Some those things won't happen at all or looks/feels so different than we imagined that we can't see that it came true. BUT WE HAVE TO STOP BEING DISAPPOINTED BY NOT ACHIEVING A CHILD'S DREAM OR TIMELINE. THE CHILD IN US WAS INEXPERIENCED, SOMETIMES ILLOGICAL AND UNREASONABLE, AND POSSIBLY SHELTERED. I'm not saying to give up on the inner child. I'm saying to accept and be proud of wherever you are in life. As long as you're doing what you can and have changed for the better. Don't overlook the good things that have happened while dwelling on the things that haven't. Plus, good news! There's still time to make a new timeline. (Heck, forget the whole dog on timeline if you must and let things happen when they can happen.) With that, I present to you, Painted Picture:

Below was one of my previous Facebook posts, which states...

"So it's been a week since Mother's Day and I have continuously contemplated on making this post, so I'm just gonna go for it. This pic was me most of last year and the year before. I was in deep depression on the spectrum of wanted to hurt myself or worse. I mostly smiled through the pain.  Some days were worse than others. Some days I would feel great and out of nowhere a dark cloud would come over my head for different periods of time. I thought about posting about it back then (which is why I took pics of me crying). I thought that sharing it might help someone else going through the same.  But I was too ashamed to post it. I didn't want to come across as complaining, ungrateful, or crazy even. I guess I was going through post partum depression but didn't get diagnosed. The clinics just seemed to want money and not really care. Anyway, although this is late, this is on behalf of the mothers who suffer in silence or are going through any form of depression, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, or any struggle in life. Keep your head up. Stay strong. Stay positive. Fight! And seek help if needed."

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