There are so many good and amazing men, black men specifically, out there. This is not to paint a picture or give the idea that they're perfect by any means! 

I feel that it is really important to speak up for our good black men because I often hear negative things about them, especially as fathers and in regards to relationships. 

Men have many struggles, hardships, and issues they endure that they often never verbalize and women may often never know, realize or understand. Men have not been taught to talk about their feelings and be vulnerable the way women do. For example, when we think of post partum depression, we think of it as something women go through as mothers. Well, what about the fears, anxiety, doubt, insecurities and so on that men go through when they become fathers? Is there a name for it? Is there awareness/conversations, support, and therapy for it? That's just one example to contemplate on. 

I have a few poems I have written to the few good men I have in my life. To my Dad and my husband, I love you and this blesses you! 

To others reading this blog, feel free to skip down if you'd like but PLEASE, I HOPE YOU'LL TAKE SOME TIME TO READ THE LAST POEM AND ENCOURAGEMENT ABOVE IT!

My Dad and Father:

My Amazing Black Father

By: Evonne Renee

With your head held high, Is how I saw you walk.

Looking into one's eye, Is how I saw you talk.

Without complaint, Is how I saw you work. 

And the same can be said, If you were ever hurt.

Faithfully to church, Is where I saw you go.

With the Bible and prayer, Is how I saw you grow.

Provision and safety, Is what I saw you give,

Caring for God and your family, Is how I saw you live.

More action than words, Is how I saw you love. 

Worthiness and strength, Is what you're made of.

Irreplaceable. Priceless. Your worth cannot falter. 

Respected and loved, Is My Amazing Black Father.

My Husband:

Credit Where It’s Due

By: Evonne Renee

I see how you help me, How got my back, 

Sometimes I fall short, And you pick up my slack.
I see how you appreciate, The things that I do, 

With random kisses on my cheek, And frequent thank you’s.
I see how you love me, How you want me around, 

Even when I get upset, Or when I’m feeling down.
I see how you provide, You work hard every day, 

You save what you can and, With investing, you don’t play.
I see how you think, With logical vision, 

You stay on your mission, And you make wise decisions.
I see who you are and, I see how you’re there, 

I know you want what’s best, And that you truly care.
I see how you mean business, You don't forfeit the game, 

You try to stay healthy, Your consistence is the same.
I see how you're growing older, And I love what I see, 

You'll always be fine, And hot and sexy to me.
I see how you're special, You come far and few, 

You the one that I prayed for, And God came through.
I see how you're a Dad, To our sweet daughter, 

It means the world to me, To see you be a great father.
Trust me, I appreciate, And see all you do. 

And so, I must give you All the credit where it's due.
There's nothing left say, Except THANK YOU!!! 

I Love You and I give you all the credit where it's due. 

Other Men: (Brothers, Sons, Nephews, Uncles, Cousins, Fathers, Friends, and All)

So here's to the good men out there who get misjudged, prejudged, discredited, ignored, belittled, and devalued... Here's to the good black men that I have in my life... Keep going!!! Stay encouraged!!!! Support others who need it. And know that you are loved, needed, and appreciated. (To the men who can do better...  You need to be built up and not torn down. So I hope that you are encouraged as well.  It's never too late to change. Know that you'll have to fight for those you've hurt, neglected, and/or disappointed. You haven't failed until you've quit or given up SO TRY AGAIN! May you show up, do right, and deliver.)  As for my poem Sorry Black Men, don't let the title fool you! To all men, good reputation or not, and especially our black men... I'm rooting for you and so are our fellow brothas and sistas out here. (Even if they don't say it, they're hoping, thinking, praying, and wishing it because our children, our women, our world and our future NEED YOU! We all need each other.) You ARE Important!

Sorry Black Men 

By: Evonne Renee

Sorry, Black Men  (those)

Sorry Black Men,

You’ve heard it before 

It can’t be ignored, 

That it feels... Degrading. Frustrating. Emasculating.
Sorry Black Men, You’re on the bad list...

Um… Let me give it a twist, 

Cause you deserve so much better than this. 

I’m Sorry Black Men!!! 

On behalf of this world…

Sorry, For all that you go through!

Sorry when we only think the worst of you!

You’ve been Lied on. Murdered. 

Called a curse.

Cussed out, feared. 

It can’t get worse. 

Hated, envied, dignity shook. 

Misunderstood and Overlooked. 

You feel all the pain and keep moving like your blessed. 

And you strive to pass a failing test.

And from us women, 

Sorry, for...

(To be continued.... Email me or post a comment and Let me know if you're interested in reading the rest of the poem.)

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