For Parents, Guardians, and/or Family Members of Children with Special Needs and ALL Who Have Empathy or Seek Understanding


Here's a Voice to Some of the FEELINGS We Face:

As parents, guardians, and/or family members of children with delays, disabilities, and other special needs, I know that we sometimes feel hurt, frustrated, lost, despair, judged and/or alone. We don't know the why, the how, the who, what, or when, and so, sometimes we blame ourselves for whatever unique challenge our child(ren) face. That feeling is SO heavy and often silent and lonely. In addition, we face the judgement of others thinking or saying the same thing. Whether it be the look on a strangers face, or the family member or friend who makes comments or asks questions like, "What are doing about helping your child?" As if we're not giving them everything we've got to the best of our knowledge and ability. We feel or hear their blame, criticism, and disapproval. 

Here's a Voice to Some of the CHALLENGES We Face:

At times, we can get overwhelmed with fear or concern from the thought of not being able to protect our children from rejection and from the harsh judgement or treatment of others (especially children, teens and even other help/teachers/caregivers). Especially, for those who are either non verbal or "not yet verbal". They can't tell us how there day was, what they learned, what's their favorite color or any of their favorites, or if something bad happened (to them)/ if they're hurting. We long to hear the most basic things like, "I'm hungry" or "I love you, Mommy/Daddy". Parents who have children with special needs have to envision the future of our (child)ren different than most people and many times we have little to no positive examples of our child's future career, education, love life, grandchildren, independence, etc. We can only hope and pray that we (and/or someone) will be there to help them, guide them, protect them, provide for them, support them, treat them good, right, and fair, and LOVE THEM. 

 Be Encouraged! Be Positive! Be Helped:

Well, inspite of all the challenges, fears, and emotions we face, THERE'S HOPE! THERE'S HELP! THERE'S GOOD TIMES, GLADNESS, LOVE AND LIVING. Our children ARE LOVED by us. Our children ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF by us. Our children ARE HAPPY (or can be if not). And most can still experience fun and/or entertainment (even if it's reading or singing to them). We, the caretakers, and our children ARE ENOUGH. For the parents who are struggling or need/want help, there are resources out there that can help. Below, underneath the poem, I've posted a few links to helpful sites for those living in TN. But to all who needs it, please Speak Out, Speak Up, Ask Questions, and Seek/Research some support and know that you are not alone in how you feel and in needing help.

The Good, the Positive, and the Happy:

The poem below is all about the happy and positive things to look for as a parent/guardian/family member of children with special needs. I wrote it behalf of my daughter who currently has a speech delay. Although my daughter is not yet verbal, (I say 'yet' because I still have hope), she has taught me to observe and be more aware of all the non verbal ways she (and we all) communicate. Facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, and even "mind reading" through thoughtfulness and hyper attention-giving are some of non verbal languages that I've come to learn, love and greatly appreciate. I HOPE THIS ENCOURAGES THE MANY PARENTS, FAMILY MEMBERS, AND CAREGIVERS OUT THERE WHOSE CHILD(REN) HAVE ANY TYPE OF DELAY OR DISABILITY. We must remember to SEEK, RECOGNIZE, AND APPRECIATE the ways that our children can and do communicate with us. (I often have to remind myself of these things.) Please consider reading this to your child(ren) or really, ANY LOVED ONE OF YOURS. Presenting to you, No Words. 

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